Professional engineering & consulting services to ensure project success.

Reduced maintenance cost through remote managed services.



vapplica group professional consulting engineering services provides customers with experienced, specialized professional to ensure the success of complex, high-risk installations of every scale. This not only enables value added resellers to complete high-level projects that they may not have the resources for, but also guarantees project success backed by the manufacturer.

vapplica group remote management services maintenance packages include preventative and diagnostic services designed to provide early detection of system failures and eliminate the need to take the system into maintenance mode. These services also include additional technical advisement and best practices to help reduce support issues by as must as 50% in first year.

From initial planning and programming to ongoing maintenance and expansion vapplica group dedicated service and support teams provide the professional expertise that can enhance the efficiency, usability and cost effectiveness of your entire system.

vapplica group technical support center.

Creating optimal operating efficiencies.

Custom Solution.

vapplica group is committed to provide the best possible user experience for every customer, whether you are new  or looking to upgrade. With our dedicated, specialized teams, you're assured a prompt, professional response to all your needs.

Agile is at our core. We deliver solutions rapidly and in a modular fashion, allowing us to adapt to changing missions, priorities, and agency requirements.

vapplica group custom solution group offers significant experience designing, developing and delivering software solutions for Government entities worldwide. These solution are created using the same development standards, practices, and strategies as the core engineering team to ensure the highest level of quality and long-term support.

We deliver technology solutions that keep our

citizens safe and our borders secure.

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